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Kezia Cole

Three Work Examples

These are three pieces of work showcasing elements of my interactive and participatory practice



Fight to stay stable in an unstable world

Brink lives in an unbalanced world. Every step could throw them into the vast void of space. But no one can sit still forever, how can they live when every action might make their world capsize?

This work is currently in development and began as a project with a group of young climate change activists exploring their experiences of eco-anxiety. The R&D developed these ideas and worked with 24 young people with experiences of anxiety. Through the opening development phases, discussions/workshops/running around/falling over/apocalyptic visions of being the last person left alive etc. this has developed into a non-verbal performance work which takes the metaphor of physical balance to explore the tipping point of the climate crisis.

We created 20mins which will be shared at the MAST Climate Change Festival in November and the work will continue to be developed over the next 2 years.


Amazon. The World's first online superstore. A one-click wonder. The ultimate convenience. You dream it, they deliver it. Instant fulfilment. 

But Fulfilment isn't for everyone.

**** The Scotsman
“The cynical humour of the show digs deep”
**** EdFestMag
“Essential viewing for this years fringe”
**** The Upcoming
“This is one of those rare shows with the power to effect change.”

 ‘Fulfilment’ was created with over 100 Amazon Fulfilment Centre workers and used Bunraku puppetry to explore the relationship between worker and consumer in the Amazon supply chain. I worked undercover in an Amazon warehouse to create this show and in developing the show with this community, there emerged a strong theme of feeling unseen, unknown and ignored by the consumers who valued their comfort and convenience over the working conditions which enabled their deliveries.


Through the development we found Bunraku puppetry, with its visible performer-puppeteers, a dynamic and interesting visual metaphor for this experience: as the audience focus on the puppet, they increasingly forget/ignore the puppeteers, mirroring our consumer relationship with the supply chains that deliver us convenience. 

Feel Our Voice 3611 © Kent Downs AONB.jpg
We are pilgrims - Hymn St Mary's Church
00:00 / 00:57

The Sound of Together

Feel our voice 

Commissioned by the North Downs Way and Kent AONB, this work was created from participatory experiences with over 50 members of the local community. The groups worked with me to map their sense-journey while walking to the site and tell me about their experiences of pilgrimage, rest and contemplation. Their thoughts were recorded and used to create a soundwave which then gave the final work its shape. The work is made from reclaimed apple crates from the orchards the work overlooks.


The sound fragment was shared by one of the local choirs and represents what they wanted to share with people who took a moment to sit on the work. 

While my process is always participatory and collaborative, the end work can take many forms which reflect, elucidate and embody the experience. 

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