OUTDOOR TOUR 2016/2017

Imagine being different.

Imagine being so different that you were never accepted anywhere.

Long, Broad and Sharpsight don't have to imagine...​

Long can grow taller than a mountain.

Broad can stretch wide enough to drink the ocean.

Sharpsight can see around the world and back again.

Long, Broad & SharpSight find themselves searching for somewhere their amazing talents will be celebrated, somewhere they can call home.

​With more stilt-walking, sword fighting and adventuring than you can shake a treasure map at, Sharklegs tell their new story with characteristic mayhem, laughter and visual flare.


“An amazing show which features stilt-walking, sword-fighting, dragons, adventures and much hilarity”
Birmingham Mail


For additional information about our past events, please email us anytime or call during business hours.


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