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TOUR 2016/17

If you had a finite number of heartbeats, how would you make each beat count?

Gavin Plimsole feels a flutter in his heart: Is it heartburn? Is it that girl across the room? Or is it a malformation of his heart – a sticky, red time-bomb? Gavin is given a life-changing diagnosis.

Hiding in his shed he assesses his entire life; what has he done with those beats? Which has he thrown away? And how many did he lose when she broke his heart?

Using state-of-the-art heart rate monitors we will measure your heart beats and uncover how we spend each soggy, wet thump and make the most of however long we have left…


“A little unsettling, exposing and oddly compelling at the same time.” The Stage

“Gavin the toymaker, storyteller, and heartbroken man become one very memorable character. resonant and tender.” - A Younger Theatre

“an oddly sweet, hugely imaginative and endearingly honest show.” Fest 


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